Update on Shreiner-Concord Cemetery

Dear friends,

I am happy to have news to share regarding the Poetry Paths project at Shreiner-Concord Cemetery. Thanks in advance for sharing this email with your neighbors at Shreiner Concord.

Last week the Shreiner-Concord board and Poetry Paths staff met to discuss the outcome of the Selection Committee’s meeting regarding the two artists’ proposals we had solicited and received for the Cemetery.

To start, both the Selection Committee and the Board determined that they would not want to choose either proposal for the Cemetery.  For a variety of reasons, neither proposal seemed to the Board to be the right fit for the Cemetery.  The Board was also mindful of the fact that the Cemetery is very much a work-in-progress, with an abundance of historic and community significance that is still being tapped.  It was decided that now is not the time for the Board to commission and install a piece of art that would be as extensive as both pieces that were proposed.

The Board did conclude that it would like to continue to work with Poetry Paths to commission a piece that would be the right fit for the Cemetery.  Board members concluded that they would like to work with one of the two artist-finalists to commission a piece of functional, architectural seating that will be installed in the Cemetery. This piece will incorporate the poems that the Board has already selected.

In upcoming weeks, the Board will work with the artist to develop a final design for the piece.  We’ll be sure to post further news about this project as we have it.

Thanks to all for your continued interest in Poetry Paths, here and at all of our sites!


Kerry & Tashya


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