On the Street

Poetry Paths is commissioning and installing two- and three-dimensional visual art that incorporates the written word into the Lancaster streetscape using public art. Since 2009, Poetry Paths has worked with site partners and neighbors throughout Lancaster, engaging the community at every stage of its process: to poem and artwork selection, to finding sites for the artwork. The chosen texts include poems by eminent poets both living and deceased, contemporary poets from the region, and local schoolchildren, in English and other languages as appropriate. Each art installation is an original piece by a living, American artist.

Poetry Paths has installed 10 completed pieces in neighborhoods and we invite visitors to Lancaster as well as residents to download a map and podcast and take physical and virtual tours of the Paths. We invite you to follow the trail of words and art throughout the City.

In person and online, curious readers who embark down Poetry Paths will witness how poetry’s words in public spaces can seed new perspectives, make seams where before there were empty spaces or divisive boundaries, and create a living song within, about, and for the City of Lancaster.

The “sites” on the Paths include the following:

Tabor Community Services/Eastern Market, Bright Side Opportunities Center, Fulton Theatre, Clipper Magazine Stadium, Water Street Ministries, Keystone Arts & Culture Center, Lancaster Public Library, Spanish American Civic Association, Fulton Elementary School, and Pennsylvania College of Art & Design

Our future Paths “sites” will include:

Water Street Ministries and The Philadelphia Alumni Writers House 

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