Lancaster Public Library

Artist/Designer selected: Sara Pevaroff Schuh and Erin Gleason, SALT Design Studio, Bala Cynwyd, PA


From the artists’ statement: This artwork is multi-faceted, and like Dickinson’s poem, replete with possibility: It brings beauty to the streetscape both day and night; prompts discovery and exploration through language, form, and materials; and resolves existing functional and circulation issues within the space. . . During sunny afternoons, sunlight casts the poem across the pavement inside the courtyard, making possible multiple readings and interpretations. . . As it transforms the landscape, the “i” becomes a long-standing invitation to the community. It welcomes passersby into the courtyard by creating a place to rest and reflect, a place to socialize and interact, and a place to simply observe the interplay between light, shadow and street life.

Poem selected:  I dwell in possibility (#657) by Emily Dickinson  











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