Mission & Goals


Poetry Paths fosters new ways of seeing our city and forges new connections in our community by bringing poetry and art into people’s daily lives.  


To create and administer two projects as part of Poetry Paths:

Poetry Paths on the Street and Poetry Paths in the Schools and Community

Through Poetry Paths on the Street,

  • To facilitate the creation and installation of site-specific, artfully designed displays of poetry that are of a consistently high quality and that surprise, delight and move their audiences.
  • To facilitate the creation and installation of site-specific, sustainable, artfully designed displays of poetry that reflect the diverse cultures, communities, histories and languages of Lancaster.
  • To encourage engagement, ownership and long-term commitment of the art among city residents and neighbors.
  • To enhance Franklin and Marshall College’s engagement with the community.
  • To provide sustained opportunities for students at Franklin & Marshall to engage with the community around poetry and visual art.

Through Poetry Paths in the Schools and Community,

  • To enhance young Lancastrians’ understanding and experience of poetry and visual art in their everyday lives.
  • To give voice to Lancastrians through poetry.
  • To increase Lancastrians’ sense of shared community and civic pride through Poetry Paths programming at our partner schools and community centers.
  • To support the related curricular goals and institutional missions of our partner schools and centers.
  • To continue to facilitate community engagement after the Paths are installed, whenever possible with the involvement of students from Franklin & Marshall College.

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