Spanish American Civic Association

Artist/Designer selected:  Jared Bader, Merion Station, PA





Excerpt from artist Jared Bater’s statement: This design focuses on what I believe to be the essential theme of the poem by Persio Asencio: the movement and travel of people from far away cities and countries and their convergences in a new city to form a cohesive community and create a quality of life based on their inherent ideals. In the poem, the Latin-American community in Lancaster may have immigrated from a variety of different countries, but they share a language, a common set of values and a reliance on each other. This mural design attempts to best exemplify this spirit of the poem by utilizing certain techniques and creating several layers of painted images. This layering technique also evokes feelings of the passage of time and history.

Poem selected:  La experiencia latina en Lancaster, Pennsylvania — Una siembra fértil y fecunda / The Latino Experience in Lancaster — A Rich and Fertile Seed

by Persio Asencio, Lancaster, PA

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