Tabor Community Services & Eastern Market

We are excited to announce that the Poetry Paths piece at Tabor Community Services & Eastern Market was installed last week thanks to a robust collaboration.

Chris Dawson Architect, AIA, the designer of the piece states that “the idea was to create a versatile piece that would serve the noted weekly market but also reference the “front porch” vibe picked up on while walking around the neighborhood. .  . The “branches” or “fingers” off the main spine grew out of the knowledge that the best interactions often occur when seated perpendicular to someone & then a little playfulness was introduced with the angles of those with the thinking that it should read as a piece of art too. The idea that it glows grew out of a notion of being inviting & also creating a secure or safe space.

The poem, an excerpt from Pablo Neruda’s “Ode to the Chair,” can be viewed above.

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