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Snow in the City
By Migma Sherpa, Fulton Elementary School, Grade 5

Every day I see many things
in the city: buildings, parks
and schools, cars and bikes.

I see some Nepali food and
fruit in the stores here, too.
It makes me happy to see that.

Today I see people outside playing
in the white snow. They are
throwing snowballs at each other.

Before, I never knew it could
be snowing here. We had no
snow in my country. It is as cold,
white, and pretty as I thought.


2014 marks the fifth year that we have worked with Barbara Buckman Strasko, our Poet in the Schools, to offer excellent poetry writing workshops annually to about 250 public elementary and middle school students. In preparation for the workshops, we also sponsor experiences for the students that give them a new and deeper appreciation of their neighborhoods and provide inspiration for their poems.

At the end of each program year, we publish a journal of the kids’ poetry and host a large public reading of their work for teachers, principals, students, families, neighbors and friends. The reading by our young poets from Washington, Fulton, and Ross Elementary Schools and Reynolds Middle School was held on Thursday, May 1 at the Roschel Performing Arts Center at Franklin & Marshall College and each student received a copy of the journal.

Poetry Paths in the Schools is made possible by the generous support of the following foundations, institutions, and individuals:
Lancaster County Community Foundation
The Armstrong Foundation
Franklin & Marshall College
Gretel and Arthur B. Dodge, Jr.

and by the following companies who, in supporting Franklin & Marshall College via contributions through the Commonwealth’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program (www.fandm.edu/EITC), have supported Poetry Paths in the Schools 2013-2014:
Frontier Communications
John E. Fullerton, Inc.
Fulton Bank
Oak Tree Development Group, LLC
SofterWare, Inc.
TIPPETTS/WEAVER Architects, Inc.
Tomlinson Bomberger
Warfel Construction Company
Waste Management, Inc.

Thank you to all of our donors!

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