Poetry Paths at Wharton Elementary

Today, 50 fourth graders and their teachers (Stacy Herr and Wendy Weaver) from Wharton Elementary walked down the street to the Lancaster Arts Hotel to learn about the intertwining of art, music and poetry. Local artist, Claire Giblin showed her work and local musicians, Loretta Bilieux and Chad Kinsey, performed, both sharing how poetry affects their work and how their work in turn gives birth to poetry. Back in the classroom, our Poet in the Schools, Barbara Strasko, then lead the students in poetry workshops throughout the week, building on this topic.

Barbara Buckman Strasko was the Poet Laureate of Lancaster County 2009-10, appointed by The Lancaster Literary Guild. In 2009, she was named Teacher of the Year by River of Words, an International Environmental Poetry & Art Contest for Youth. Find her complete bio here.

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