Poetry Paths at Lafayette Elementary

There are seeds in you. You can plant your seed with grace in a simple garden.

These were the first lines from Ciara Landron’s poem, “Lessons from a Green Roof,” composed under the tutelage of our Poet in the Schools, Barbara Strasko. The 4th grade classes of Mrs. Hutchinson and Ms. Kozell, are fortunate enough to have brand new rooms close to the school’s impressive green roof installed last fall. Before picking up their pencils, the students heard from several visitors:  Tashya Dalen, eco-designer, talked about the watershed, Fritz Shroeder, from Live Green, shared why green roofs are valuable, and Ron Strasko, from Creek Hill Nursery, handed out small sedum plants, explaining how a green roof is built.

Barbara Buckman Strasko was the Poet Laureate of Lancaster County 2009-10, appointed by The Lancaster Literary Guild. In 2009, she was named Teacher of the Year by River of Words, an International Environmental Poetry & Art Contest for Youth. Find her complete bio here.

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