Lancaster Amtrak Station competition

Many Lancastrians took part in giving their comments and votes on the three Poetry Paths proposals for the Lancaster Amtrak Station. The selection committee carefully reviewed the proposals and the over 250 public responses, selecting as the finalist,The Rings: Poetry in Motion, by Alastair Noble and Kathy Bruce, from Easton, PA.

The double wedding ring quilt design was the inspiration for both the sculpture and pathways, reflecting the cultural identity of Lancaster. Metaphorically, the rings reflect the daily cycles of our lives: leaving and returning, coming and going. Words and excerpts from Lancaster’s schoolchildren’s poetry will be inscribed in the materials.

In the voice of the artists, “Words will appear to be literally falling from overhead as sunlight passes through cut-out words in stainless steel bands scattering projected images of them onto the ground below and onto those walking through them. At the same time, the words will be clearly legible when viewed from a distance and to those walking along the paths. Corresponding words will be inscribed onto granite blocks situated within the paved pathways . . . This flow of words from above and below will engage those passing through and over them to form poetic associations and meanings creating their own personal reading.” We look forward to commissioning the artists as soon as additional funds and agreements are in place.

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